Dents Gloves at Tout Ensemble

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Dents Gloves: A Brief History Since the reign of King George III, Dents has been crafting and creating the world’s finest gloves, most famously for the British Royal Family. Little has changed since Dents was founded in 1777, with the … Continued

Leather Waistcoats at Tout Ensemble

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The Beauty of a Waistcoat The waistcoat has been an iconic piece to any wardrobe ever since its creation hundreds of years ago. Timeless, fashionable and effortlessly versatile, the leather waistcoat can be worn day and night, dressed up or … Continued

Our Leather Skirt Collection

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Here at Tout Ensemble, we have a wide collection of leather skirts and leather dresses. All of our products are made with carefully sourced 100% genuine leather, to ensure that our goods are of the highest quality. With such a … Continued

About Our Leather

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Leather is a beautiful, natural and versatile material. Fine quality leather feels and looks good to wear – its scent, appearance and texture all make it a unique material with an aura of luxury and prestige. Leather is the oldest material known to … Continued

The History of Leather

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We would like to give you just a brief outline of the history of leather and how it is made. Leather is the oldest material known to man and has been a natural commodity since ancient times. Its origins go … Continued